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Are there any age restrictions to see Queenz?Expand
Are there any age restrictions to see Queenz?

Honey, let me spill the tea! Queenz is the glitter bomb of a night out that's got something for everyone. Now, darling, we say it's a fabulous festivity for all ages, but if you want the full technicolor dream, we recommend 14 and up—it’s when the sass really starts to make sense! The show's got a sprinkle of adult humor and a dash of spicy language, so it's up to the fab parents to decide. But let me tell you, we roll out the pink carpet for anyone with an open mind! Come one, come all, and let’s turn it out!

How long is the show?Expand
How long is the show?

Oh, darling, if you're sashaying your way to our fabulous theatre tour, you better prepare for a spectacular extravaganza! Now, let's break it down, shall we? For our standard theatre show, it's a journey, honey:

Act 1: 50 minutes of pure bliss

Interval: 25 minutes to refresh, retouch, and rendezvous

Act 2: Another 50 minutes of dazzling delight

Check you specific venue for exact start and finish times

What is the dress code?Expand
What is the dress code?

It's time to unleash that glittery, glamorous diva inside you! Dust off those sequined sensations, blind us with your most bedazzling bling, and let that glow-up shine brighter than a disco ball as you strut down our rainbow runway. We're talking a night filled to the brim with sequins, sass, and those singalongs that make your heart do the cha-cha. So, come as you are, or come as who you want to be, one things for sure, make it fabulous, darling!

Where can I see the show?Expand
Where can I see the show?

Honey, if you’ve fluttered your fabulous self to this spot, chances are you've already laid those sparkling peepers on our tour list. But, darling, it's so fabulous, it deserves an encore! So, here it is, in all its glittering glory, once again. Because, let's face it, something this good just has to be flaunted twice! so, Here it is again!

I want to book the gals, how can I contact them?Expand
I want to book the gals, how can I contact them?

Oh, sweetie pie, are you throwing the bash of the century? Perhaps a soirée that screams elegance? Or, honey, maybe you’re just craving a dash of sparkle in your everyday? Well, light up our inbox and let’s kiki about it! Pop us an email, and let's turn that dream into a dazzling reality.

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